IRobot Roomba 700 Manual

IRobot Roomba 700 Manual. View the IRobot Roomba 700 manual. The IRobot Roomba 700 has three cleaning modes Clean Mode Roomba automatically calculates the room size and adjusts its cleaning time appropriately, Spot Mode Roomba will spiral approximately 3 feet 1 meter in diameter and then spiral back to where it started an intense, localized clean for those quick fixes, and Scheduled Cleaning Mode Roomba leaves its Home Base, cleans, and then returns to recharge when its done. This vacuum cleaning robot works on pretty much anything wood, carpet, tile, vinyl and linoleum and Roomba wont get caught up in tassels or fringes. If it senses a tangle, it automatically stops its brushes and spins them in reverse to free itself. You are viewing the manual and parts listings for the IRobot Roomba 700.