Panasonic SCMAX670 Manual

Panasonic SCMAX670 Manual. View the Panasonic SCMAX670 manual. DJ Jukebox Audio System with 4Way Giant Speaker Box provides 3300W RMS Total Power Output. The DJ Jukebox Audio system with 4Way 4Speaker Giant 15 Super Woofer Speaker System allows the user to mix music from up to 2 USB devices, stream music via Bluetooth and NFC. User is able DJ effects with smartphone control. This product also features prism color illumination, and scratchsampler sounds, 2.0 channel Digital Triple Amp, 4Preset EQ settings, CD, CDRRW Disc Play, USB 2.0, Microphone Jack, and an ensemble of speakers , including 15 Super Woofers, 7 78 MidLow Woofers, 4 Woofers, 2 38 Tweeters.rnrnGreat for any DJ night club or event, the Panasonic SCMAX670 is still a great choice. You are viewing the manual and parts listings for the Panasonic SCMAX670.