Sony XPeria Z2 Manual

Sony XPeria Z2 Manual. View the Sony XPeria Z2 manual. The cellular phone product SONY XPeria Z2 comes with a users guide that should be revised for help with maintenance an overall troubleshooting. The SONY XPeria Z2 comes with the following items a proximitylight sensor, SpeakerCharging lightNotification light, comes with a memory card slot cover, power key, volumezoom key, camera key, microphone, and a built in speaker. the SONY XPeria Z2 requires you to insert a micro SIM card, it also has main camera lens, camera light, headset jack, cover for chargerUSB port and micro SIM slot, NFC TM detection area, WIFIGPSBluetooth antenna area, charging dock connector and a strap hole. You are viewing the manual and parts listings for the Sony XPeria Z2.