Uniden WXI 3077 Manual

Uniden WXI 3077 Manual. View the Uniden WXI 3077 manual. The Uniden WXI3077 is equipped and ready for use in your kitchen, garage, or even outdoors. The WXI3077 is covered in a waterproof casing and has the ability to be submersed for as much as 3 ft of water and for as long as 30 minutes with no absolutely no damage done. Also, if the WXI3077 falls into the spa you have no worries about diving in for it, as it will float to the top of the surface for an easy find. If you need help understanding the Uniden WXI3077 or need to order replacement parts, please refer to your owners manual. You are viewing the manual and parts listings for the Uniden WXI 3077.