Vitamix 5200 Manual

Vitamix 5200 Manual. View the Vitamix 5200 manual. The Vitamix 5200 lets you stir, chop, mix, pure, and liquefy foods. The blender also offers crush ice and pulse modes. With stainless steel blades and 0.9 horsepower motor, this blender can handle all blending tasks from the toughest jobs, like crushing ice, to precision mincing of delicate herbs. The steelreinforced coupler with 12 interlocking teeth provides direct transfer of power to blender blades for optimum performance. The generous 48ounce, blendandserve square glass blender jar features a stayput lid with a 2 ounce ingredient cap, and an easypour spout. The blender also boasts a softstart feature and a cleantouch control pad. You are viewing the manual and parts listings for the Vitamix 5200.