How to Install a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat can help you save energy and make your home more comfortable. Here are the steps to install a smart thermostat:

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

Before installing the thermostat, turn off the power to your HVAC system by switching off the circuit breaker that controls the furnace or air conditioner.

Step 2: Remove the Old Thermostat

Remove the cover of your old thermostat and take a picture of the wiring connections for future reference. Carefully disconnect the wires from the old thermostat and remove it from the wall.

Step 3: Mount the New Thermostat

Mount the new thermostat base to the wall using the included screws and anchors. Make sure the base is level.

Step 4: Connect the Wires

Connect the wires to the new thermostat according to the wiring diagram in the instruction manual or the picture you took earlier. Match the wires to the corresponding terminals on the new thermostat.

Step 5: Install the Batteries

If your smart thermostat requires batteries, install them in the battery compartment.

Step 6: Attach the Thermostat Faceplate

Attach the faceplate to the thermostat base by aligning the pins on the back of the faceplate with the corresponding slots on the base. Push the faceplate onto the base until it clicks into place.

Step 7: Turn On the Power

Turn the power back on to your HVAC system by switching on the circuit breaker.

Step 8: Follow the Setup Process

Follow the setup process on the thermostat screen or the Honeywell app to connect the thermostat to your home Wi-Fi network and set up your preferences.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed your smart thermostat! By following these steps, you can enjoy the benefits of a smart thermostat, such as energy savings and remote control of your home's temperature.