How to replace the front tire on a riding mower

If your ignition switch on yor riding mower is no longer working, or requires a flathead scewdriver to turn, it may be time to replace it. If the lawnmower won't turn over or it won't stop when you cut the key off, the problem is most likely the ignition switch. You can usually find replacement ignition switches at home imporvement stores or lawn and garden stores. Many models may cost less than $20, so replacing the ignition switch is usually not too expensive. One of the main reasons to replace the ignition switch is for safety reasons. If you have kids around, you want to make sure a key is required to start the riding lawn mower to prevent accidents.

Step 1: Park the riding lawn mower on a hard flat surface and set the parking brake. Put wheel blocks in front of and behind the rear wheels.
Step 2: Using a bottle jack or floor jack, raise the front of the lawn mower up until the front tires are off the ground.
Step 3: Use a flat head scewdriver to remove the dust cover from the front tire.
Step 4: Use pliers to remove the cotter pin holding the tire on. You will need to straighten the cotter pin and then pull it up to remove it.
Step 5: Slide the wheel off the axle by pulling it towards you.
Step 6: Remove the valve stem cap and push the valve stem in with a screwdriver to let all the air out of it.
Step 7: Use two larger flat head screwdrivers to remove the tire from the rim.
Step 8: Install the new tire on the rim by pushing one side onto the rim, followed by the other side. If it seems too hard to get on, you can try using soapy water for lubrication.
Step 9: Inflate the tire to the proper air pressure using an air compressor.
Step 10: Put the new tire and rim onto the axle and gently push it until it is all the way back.
Step 11: Slide the cotter pin through the tire to secure it and gently bend the pin apart for safety.
Step 12: Install the dust cover cap.
Step 13: Lower the jack until the front tires are on the ground and remove the jack and wheel blocks.