How to replace a fuel filter on a chainsaw

In this article, we will explain how to replace an old or dirty fuel filter on a chainsaw. You may need to change the fuel filter if your chainsaw has a hard time staying running, or if it dies when you try to raise the engine above idle. Maintenance is an important part of power equipment ownership, and the better you take care of your chainsaw, the longer it will work properly as designed. Chainsaw fuel filters can easily get clogged up by dirt and debris that enters into the fuel system. Changing the fuel filter will extend the life of the engine by ensuring clean fuel is getting to the engine. This maintenance item will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and should be done as often as necessary.

Step 1: Remove the spark plug wire to prevent accidental sparks.
Step 2: Make sure you are in a ventilated area, and remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank, and empty the fuel into a fuel can.
Step 3: Use a coat hanger or solid piece of wire and bend a hook into the wire. Feed the wire into the gas tank via the fuel filling opening and grasp the fuel filter witn the hook.
Step 4: Pull the fuel filter our of the gas filler opening and cut the fuel line directly behind the filter.
Step 5: Put the new fuel filter on the fuel line and push the filter back into the fuel tank.
Step 6: Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel and replace the fuel cap.
Step 7: Plug in the spark plug wire and start the chainsaw to make sure it works properly.