Panasonic SC-PMX9 Manual

Panasonic SC-PMX9 Manual. View the Panasonic SC-PMX9 manual. The Panasonic SCPMX9 Networkable HiFi Audio 3way speaker system was equipped with a woofer, subwoofer, and tweeter in both speakers. Due to the improved diaphragm in the tweeter, the treble sounds are more clear than ever before and as a result of the divided audio signal, each speaker can provide its own individual natural sound. The Panasonic SCPMX9 features AirPlay and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect and play music, watch videos and much more right from your phone, PC or ipad without the degradation of sound quality. If you need help understanding your Panasonic SCPMX9 or need to order replacement parts, please refer to your owners manual. You are viewing the manual and parts listings for the Panasonic SC-PMX9.