Samsung DV665J Manual

Samsung DV665J Manual. View the Samsung DV665J manual. The Samsung DV665J clothes dryer features a Delay Start that you can set up to 14 hours and dry your clothes at a time that is convenient for you. Also has a Freshenup Program that tumbledries your clothes in cool air set at a time of your choice, for up to 50 minutes. This program makes it easy to freshenup clothes that only require a little airing out. The Fuzzy Logic Control determines the dryness and gentleness needed for your laundry and sets the appropriate drying timecycle. The Sensor dry function continuously measures the temperature in the inner section of the dryer to provide excellent drying performance. There are 11 automatic drying cycles, including normal, heavy duty and towels. matching washer troika2 washersensor drying programs fuzzy logic controls flexibly drying cycles 12 cycles stainless steel drum delay start freshenupchild lock You are viewing the manual and parts listings for the Samsung DV665J.